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The smarter litter box that auto-packs the waste

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After your cat leaves the box, iKuddle will separate the waste from the clean litter by automatically scooping the clumps into the waste bag. The automatic cleaning cycle can also be initiated using the iKuddle app or by pressing a button on the litter box.


When the waste bag is full, simply press the auto-packing button on the litter box or the iKuddle app. This will automatically seal the waste bag for you. Once it’s ready, just remove the bag from the box and throw it away! iKuddle will then automatically replace it with a new waste bag.

Deodorizing System

iKuddle sifts the waste in seconds to reduce unpleasant odors. The fully enclosed carbon-filter works for 5 minutes after your cat leaves the box, eliminating 80%-90% of litter box odors. Simply replace the detachable filter once a month.

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Never scoop litter again with iKuddle. iKuddle makes pet care easy and hassle free. Spend less time scooping and more time cuddling with your best friend. Experience the best with iKuddle.


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