Self-Cleaning Auto-Packing Litter Box


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Never scoop litter again with iKuddle. iKuddle makes pet care easy and hassle-free. Spend less time scooping and more time cuddling with your best friend. Experience the best with iKuddle.

iKuddle Auto-Packing Self-Cleaning Litter Box

No more scooping. With a tap of a button, iKuddle cleans itself, packs the waste for you, and eliminates odors.

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After your cat leaves the box, iKuddle will separate the waste from the clean litter by automatically scooping the clumps into the waste bag. The automatic cleaning cycle can also be initiated using the iKuddle app or by pressing a button on the litter box.


When the waste bag is full, simply press the auto-packing button on the litter box or on the iKuddle app. This will automatically seal the waste bag for you. Once it’s ready, just remove the bag from the box and throw it away! iKuddle will then automatically replace it with a new waste bag.

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Deodorizing System

iKuddle sifts the waste in seconds to reduce unpleasant odors. The fully enclosed carbon-filter deodorizes for 5 minutes after your cat leaves the box, eliminating 80%-90% of litter box odors. Simply replace the detachable filter once a month.

Health Tracking

Track your kitty’s health with iKuddle. Changes in eating and bathroom habits are usually the first signs of a health condition. The sensing system monitors how often your feline friend uses the litter box, documenting the data in our user-friendly app. The data is displayed on a bar graph, allowing you to easily monitor any changes in your cats health.  

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App Controlled

Control the self-cleaning cycle and auto-packing function with just a tap of your finger. The iKuddle app also sends you notifications, lets you view feeding schedules, provides insights about your cat’s health, and more!

Safety Sensor

The sensor detects when your cat enters and exits the box. If your cat hops back in during a cleaning, the sensor will detect your cat and automatically turn off the motors. The cleaning cycle will resume once your cat has exited. 

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Less Litter Usage

Save time and money by not scooping every day. iKuddle removes only the clumps, reducing litter usage by up to 30%.

Two Charging Modes

iKuddle’s built-in lithium battery (24V, 2200mAh) lasts for two weeks between charges. It also comes with a charging cable that lets you use iKuddle practically anywhere in your home.

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Modular Design

Unlike other self-cleaning litter boxes, iKuddle’s detachable components such as the scooper and litter box enclosure, allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Spacious Chamber

iKuddle is great for territorial cats and helps reduce the number of litter boxes in your home. We recommend no more than 2 cats per 1 iKuddle.

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Product Dimension
(W * D * H)
30.0" x 18.5" x 17.2"
Product Weight22 lbs
Entryway (W * H)9.5" x 7.5"
Waste Bin Dimension
(W * D * H)

7.5" x 6.3" x 6.0"
Litter Tray Size
(W x D x H)
17.3" x 15.2" x 3"
Package Bag Capacity6L approx, 7 days of waste for 1 cat
Recommended Litter TypeAny clumping litter will work. We recommend a high-quality, clay-based clumping litter. 
Recommended Cat Weight4 Lbs - 18 Lbs
Cats Per UnitDesigned for one or two cats. If you have more than two cats, you will need one litter box for every two cats.
Lithium Battery Capacity24V , 2200mAh
Lithium Battery Charging Time3 hours
Lithium Battery Endurance Time15 days
Deodorizing SystemAfter your cat finishes their business, the air filter will work for 5 mins. It eliminates 80%-90% of the litter box odors. Simply replace the carbon filter every month.
Protection FunctionThe sensor detects your cat entering and exiting the box. If your cat hops back in during a cleaning, the unit pauses the cycle automatically.


Everything you need in the box
  • iKuddle Litter Box * 1
  • Carbon Filter * 1
  • Waste Bags * 1 set / 30pcs
  • Lithium Battery * 1 (optional)
  • 2m AC Adapter
  • User manual and warranty card