3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Litter Box Squeaky Clean

iKuddle makes it easy for you to keep your litter box squeaky clean!

Is your cat refusing to use the litter box? It could be because the cat doesn’t feel the litter box is clean. Here are three easy ways to keep your litter box squeaky clean. 

Scooping more frequently 

Would you use a toilet that only flushes once or twice per day? Probably not! Don’t put your feline friends through that. Cats are fussy about their hygiene, and they don’t enjoy sitting in their filth 3-5 times a day. Try to scoop about half an hour after each use. If you can’t consistently be home to scoop for your cats, get the iKuddle Smart Litter Box: it self-cleans by automatically scooping 30 minutes after your cat uses it. 

iKuddle self-cleans for you so you never have to scoop again!

Keep your litter box smelling fresh

Cats’ sense of smell is 14 times better than humans! Just like you, they don’t enjoy the stench of litter. There are many products on the market that help make your litter boxes smell better, but try to stay away from scented products that may irritate your cat’s sensitive nose and lungs. You can reduce odor with baking soda - place it on the bottom of your litter box before adding fresh litter each week, or place an open box of baking soda in the same area as your litter box. If you want a more permanent solution, consider getting a smart litter box with a deodorizing system that automatically eliminates odor. 

iKuddle deodorizes for you so you can keep your place smelling fresh

Deep cleaning your litter box 

Most vets recommend washing the litter box every two to four weeks. When you wash the litter box, remember to use warm water with a mild detergent that doesn’t smell like ammonia or citrus. Make sure you thoroughly dry the litter box before refilling it with a fresh batch of litter, as a damp box may ruin the batch of litter. When choosing a litter box, we recommend choosing one that has a modular design, otherwise, it may take you longer to clean the litter box. 

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