Does your cat want attention at night? 

It is not surprising because cats are nocturnal creatures. In their natural habitats, they sleep almost all day and hunt with particularly keen senses of hearing, sight, and smell around dusk and dawn. Here are some methods to get your cat on the same routine as you.

Play with your cat during the day

Providing plenty of attention and company to your cat during the day can help decrease their night time activity. Encouraging your cat to explore the outdoors is a great way to entice curiosity and wakefulness. Just like people, cats will sleep better at night if they’re tired of exercise and playing during the day.  Leave toys and other forms of entertainment for your cat to stimulate her brain during the day, especially when you are not home to play with her.

Create a feeding schedule

The most common reason cats wake their human family at night is for food. In order to train your cat to be in the same routine as you, you’ll need to create a feeding schedule. We suggest feeding your cat a small-sized meal at dinner time, then feed her a bigger main meal just before your bedtime. Generally, cats are more likely to sleep after a big meal. It’s also beneficial to keep cats on a regular feeding schedule to monitor any changes in eating habits because any changes could be the first sign of illness. Consider investing in A Smart Litter box that can track and provide insight into your cat’s health, allowing you to view feeding schedules and much more.

Try to ignore their nighttime behaviors

Remember to keep the bedroom door closed while you sleep, because an open door is a sign of an invitation. When your cat is lobbying to be fed or soliciting cuddle time at night, ignore her. Do not get up and play with her because she will remember this moment and keep coming back for more. Your cat will be less likely to disrupt you during your sleep if they know that they will not be able to get the attention they want from you.