How to celebrate Halloween with Your Cat?

Dress your cat up 

It can be fun to dress your cat up, if your fur baby prefers something downy, opt for a Halloween-themed collar or charm. However, not all cats want to wear a cat costume, please think of your pet’s welfare first over your own entertainment. If your cat is unhappy, please take the costume off.

Participate in Halloween Parade

People love to see adorable pets doing funny things. Many towns have annual Halloween parades that children, pets, and adults can all participate in. This is the perfect opportunity for your cat to socialize and show off his cute costume.

Celebrate at home

If your cat is easily spooked, people in costumes and the continual chime of the doorbell can be very frightening and confusing to your cat. Why not add some fun to your home decoration? Let your cat be a door greeter, encourage her to curl up and cuddle with everyone they meet. Grab her favorite toys and set up space away from the trick-or-treaters where your cat can relax.

Create Handmade crafts for your cat

Try your hand at creating a carving of your cat, or keep it simple with just a paw print. Your cat would certainly appreciate some pumpkin scraps to nosh on while you’re getting the job done.

Keep your cat safe 

Be sure your Halloween is filled with more treats than tricks for your cat. Keep candy and especially chocolate away from your cat. Chocolate is lethal to pets. Most of the other traditional Halloween decorations, like pumpkins and corn, are generally not toxic to cats, but ingesting them can cause some gastrointestinal distress. If you are planning on lighting up your pumpkins, choose flameless candles to do so.