About Us

iKuddle specializes in the innovative development of pets supplies by utilizing the state of the art technology. These SMART innovations would greatly convenient the lives of pet owners, eliminating the hassle of pet care thus leaving more quality time for playing and bonding between pets and owners. 

Our founder Kevin is currently a parent to a Golden Retriever and 3 cats (Ragdoll, American Short Hair, and Chinese Garden Cat). Kevin is also an inventor who has over 150 patents in a span of 15 years. Before iKuddle was founded, Kevin was the CEO of a consumer electronics manufacturer where he was leading a strong team of designers and engineers while doing research and development for in-house appliances. He also has experiences with manufacturing, R&D and global sales.

With over 10 years of experience owning pets, he understands what pets and pet parents really need. Kevin uncovered some problems with the current pets supplies in the market and generated a new idea of smart pet supplies technology.

The founding team of iKuddle is a proud partner/supplier for some of the biggest retailers in the U.S. including Walmart, Target, K-Mart, JC Penney, and Costco.