We develop intelligent pet products.

iKuddle is committed to developing intelligent pet products in order to improve pets health and their quality of life. At iKuddle, we understand having a pet requires time, patience and responsibility. With our busy schedules, the last thing we want to do is scoop litter after a long day.

That is why we set out to create products that minimize the burden of pet parents, eliminating the unpleasant parts of pet care so that you can spend more time creating beautiful memories with your feline friends. With iKuddle, you can stop scooping and start bonding.

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To build the world's leading AIoT smart pet devices to help pet owners manage their pets' health and diet. 


Kevin is a loving parent to a Golden Retriever and three cats.

Kevin Cai is the Founder and CEO of iKuddle, a leading developer of pet-centric AI Internet-of-Things (AIoT) smart devices. Kevin was previously the CEO of a major consumer electronics manufacturer of in-house appliances and a prolific inventor, who holds more than 150 patents.

With over 10 years of experience as a pet owner, Kevin understands how time-consuming and inconvenient litter scooping can be. Noticing some problems with the current pet supplies on the market, a new idea of intelligent pet products was born. Kevin set out to create intelligent pet products that solved the common problems many pet parents had, making pet care hassle-free and more enjoyable.  

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iKuddle Auto-Pack Self-Cleaning Litter Box

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After your cat leaves the box, iKuddle will separate the waste from the clean litter by automatically scooping the clumps into the waste bag. The automatic cleaning cycle can also be initiated using the iKuddle app or by pressing a button on the litter box.



When the waste bag is full, simply press the auto-packing button on the litter box or the iKuddle app. This will automatically seal the waste bag for you. Once it’s ready, just remove the bag from the box and throw it away! iKuddle will then automatically replace it with a new waste bag.


Health Tracking

Track your kitty’s health with iKuddle. Changes in eating and bathroom habits are usually the first signs of a health condition. The sensing system monitors how often your feline friend uses the litter box, documenting the data in our user-friendly app. The data is displayed on a bar graph, allowing you to easily monitor any changes in your cats health.

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