Surprising Household Items That Can Harm Cats

There are many surprising household items that are hazardous to cats. Here are a few common flowers, fruits, vegetables, and chemicals to keep away from your cats. 


Many cat owners enjoy having flowers in the house. However, there are several popular types of flowers that are extremely poisonous to cats.  All bulb plants, such as Lilies, Amaryllis, Daffodils, Tulips, and Chrysanthemums, should be kept away from cats. If a cat ingests just two to three leaves of these flowers, or if they drink water from the vase, it may lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and depression. Lilies are the most dangerous flower for cats to ingest, as it may decrease their kidney function and potentially be deadly.

Fruits and Vegetables: 

As a responsible and loving cat owner, it is important to know that some nutritious fruits and vegetables that are healthy for humans can cause upset stomachs in cats. Citrus fruits like lemons, limes, grapefruits, as well as persimmons can cause kidney damage to cats. Some common vegetables that are toxic to cats include tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and eggplants.


Cat owners should be aware of the potential danger of household chemicals that can put cats at risk for cancer, anemia, liver damage, and kidney damage. All chemicals should be kept away from cats, including shampoos, lawn fertilizers, medicines, garden herbicides, and insecticides. 

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