Why Does My Cat Stick His Bum in My Face?

Ever wonder why your cat sticks their bum in your face? Or why they don’t? Read on to find out what it means.

Cats use body language to visually communicate. The positioning of their ears, head, tail, and even bum all convey messages to other cats and people. If a cat flattens their ears and draws their head towards their shoulders, they’re trying to express that they don’t want to be social.

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Cats also learn a lot about the world through scents, and it’s common for them to sniff each other’s tails. This is where the act of “bum presentation” originates from. When a cat rubs their bum against you, they’re showing you that they’re comfortable. Cats only choose to be in this vulnerable position when they truly trust you. 

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Don’t worry if your cat doesn’t rub their bums against you. Some cats take more time to warm up. Spend less time scooping poop by investing in a Smart Litter Box and more quality time with your furry friend and they will be rubbing their bums all over your face in no time. 

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